Hava Naguila was founded on November 2th in 1968. Since its formation, it has been based in Vogelwaarde, in the south of The Netherlands. The region is known for the fable of ‘Den Vos Reynaerde’ (The Fox Reynaerde).

The name ‘Hava Naguila’ is Israeli for ‘Be Happy’ and is dated from the start of the folkdance group. In the first years, most of the dances were foreign. Because of the growth of the group and the increase of domestic dances, it was decided to create a demonstration group, with the name ‘Den Ossaert’. In this way it was clarified that this group was Dutch. ‘Den Ossaert’ is a mythological creature that lived in the environment of Hulst (Land van Hulst).

Besides carrying out the Dutch tradition and dances, we also like to discover and perform modern dances. Therefore, we have choreographed some of our own dances.

We’ve literally danced around the world and performed in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Wales, Norway, Finland, Germany and Denmark.  

In 2003 Hava Naguila was awarded with the ‘Cultural Prize’ from the municipality of Hulst, which was a very nice way to get recognition for our work. We also founded and still organize the annual Music- and Folklore festival in our village, which attracts hundreds of visitors every year.

Hava Naguila has over 60 members from the ages 15 till 90 years old. They are divided in different sections: demonstration group, adultgroep and senior group. Every group meets on a weekly basis to practice and, most important, to socialize and have fun.